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Blessing Terra Farm May 15, 2016

This past Sunday we held our last service at Terra Farm.  We are so grateful for Jonathan and Christine Gifford for hosting Phoenix Rising UCC our Growing little band of believers.  We will be at our new location 192 Suit 2  Merrimack Street Haverhill MA. Over the next 8 weeks we will be getting our new location ready for regular worship, gatherings and events.  
This was a Special Service. For our last service, a Tent Meeting!   A little chapel by the duck pond.  "Pastor Donna made the connection with Penticost (the birth of the Church) and the birthing of our Church.  Being outside on this unusual cold wind day added to the message. When a mighty rushing wind ushered in the  sudden fusion of the Holy Spirit and the message Jesus taught, lived out, died for then rose again.  This event was explosive; taking place during a huge festival in Jerusalem.  The reaction of the people after witnessing and hearing what had happend changed the world as it had been known.
She explained that Jesus told his disciples (students/followers), "Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it will not bear any fruit.  She held up packages of seeds to ephesize this.  She Spoke of the metaphor of a Phoenix Rising a type of resurrection.   She talked about Kintsugi, The Japanese Art of Fixing Broken Pottery With Gold then presented a pot that had been crafted with gold seams symbolically  representing  a pot once broken knit together with Gold. Many think broken things are throw aways. She talked about people thinking of themselves as broken and useless but if they would allow it God's love can fix what is broken; the old no long the same but become new and stronger than before.  She said Grace works that way.   What we see as broken parts or emotional scars God's Love can heal and restore.  
At the end of our service Pastor Donna presented this special pot to Jonathan and Christine Gifford in gratitude for hosting Phoenix Rising UCC these past six months at the farm.    After Coffee time we went outside raised our hands and blessed Terra Farm.    This was a very special time, a memory to add to the Phoenix Rising Story.  So stay tuned folk We will let you know when our First open house will be! 
terra farm_may 15 2016
Gospel Tent service
The Gospel Tent may 15,2016
Pastor Donna leading in song
Seed must die in order to produce
2016-05-15 22.48.03
Thanking the Gifford's
cracked pot jonathan christine
Blessing Terra Farm
feeding ducks
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