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We will resume Small Groups when it is safe to do so. 

Recovery implies you were once well  became ill and now are getting well again
 OUR HABITS, HANG UPS AND HABITS CAN GIVE US DIS-EASE and we need restoration.  System Restore is designed to Reboot Your FAITH, YOUR HOPE AND YOUR LOVE OF GOD, SELF AND OTHERS 
This group is on summer hiatus. If you are interested in joining this group, please email:

Do you need healing?  We believe in the power of prayer and other meditative wellness practices.

Pastor Donna will work with you to help you bring about a new wellness

perspective! call the office for an appointment.     

978-361-0433 or you can contact her by email:

LGBTQ Community Outreach

LGBTQ+ meets the first and third Thursday from  7-9 pm

Transgender support group meets the second and fourth Thursday from 7-9 pm. 

Email 08jennylynn13 at

Faithrising Tuesday's haverrhill.jpg

God wants to bond with you, be in a live and active a relationship with you.    If you want to know God better,  this is an opportunity to go deeper in your relationship with God,  through study , prayer and ritual connecting with others on the same path.    


 We will be meeting Bi Weekly starting Tuesdays, July 9  I hope you will join Pastor Donna in Haverhill. (Location will be announced) for more information email her at

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