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Worship at Terra Farm

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PRUCC communion
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"Great worshipping today with Phoenix Rising United Church of Christ. The worship space filled with folks who heard Reverend Donna Spencer Collins remind us that we each have a unique gift that God wants us to use if we know what it is and to seek to find what may be dormaint within.  And that we belong to each other and to Him. Different but together. Diverse but one! Great message. Great morning!"                 Linda W.   January 17, 2016



FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Mark your calendars for our next Worship service at Terra Farm 10 AM                           148 Main Street Plaistow Ma. 








PRUCC  Gratitude Dinner  2015

We gathered at the Artist Cafe December 3rd to celebrate GRATITUDE!   The reality is this; gatitude often involves others.   Pastor Donna asked: What is Gratitude?   Folks shared the many attibutes that inspire Gratitude.  Pastor Donna sang the song in the video: Touch of the Masters Hand.  Afterward she discribed how life can batter and bruise us and leave us like an untuned violin and how God shows up in others who tune us up again. Where we  can sing a  new song of gratitude once again. A new song of hope, peace, joy and love    
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