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Thank you all for joining us at the totally Awesome 80's Prom 

 By: Allison Colby Campbell Blogger of Heartbeat of Haverhill


Tonight I went to an 80s Prom themed fundraiser hosted by Phoenix Rising Church of Haverhill for Brian Kelley who needs a kidney transplant. Jon was working so I attended the party alone and made sure not to drink even a drop of alcohol as I was fairly certain I would be unable to convince a cop that I was not a hooker in my get up. I am unsure why all that make up made me look a bit "wired"....but it did. What a hoot of a party - Awesome music with both Take Two and Pastor Donna Spencer Collins performing - soooo good. And I won a raffle prize - a gift certificate to the Barking Dog Restaurant.

Brian and his wife Shawna Lea Kelley have a wonderful group of friends. I know Shawna first from my years on the Haverhill Cultural Council and because both she and Brian graciously and smoothly (they are excellent dancers) helped me try to get a program I invented called Dance Downtown Days off the ground last year.

This is a bit about Brian's Story: https://youtu.be/eNDbWyYaGAk. Brian missed the party because he was at the hospital. If you missed the 80s Prom and you are moved by his story you can still donate Contact Phoenix Rising Church of Christ in Haverhill churchoffice@phoenixrisingucc.org or go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brian-kelley-fundraiser-80s-pr…#

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