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The mission of the Phoenix Rising LGBT+ Community Center is to further develop our vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, binary,non-binary, pansexual, Queer and Questioning community and their allies in the Merrimack Valley area.  We seek to create a space were people make connection, discover ways to live healthy, purposeful lives and participate in community events.  thus improving the quality of life for all of us. The mission is supported by the Center’s leadership in community building, health promotion, advocacy, and communications.


Phoenix Rising Community Outreach Center envisions a world where people who identify as LGBTQA1+ can thrive authentically. Transparently and at peace. Free To live their productive lives  free from discrimination and prejudice  within a supportive community.


The Phoenix Rising Community Outreach Center: 

  • Celebrates diversity and inclusion; believing love and justice belongs to everyone: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, binary, queer and questioning our Allies.

  • We are a young organization which, seeks to foster community development and agency partnerships.

  • The center seeks to create safe space for support programs, leadership training, workshop facilitator who will connect, opportunities to train community advocates for justice issues both civic and social.  

  • To achieve its mission, we seek to connect proactively the values of our belonging, our diversity and our inclusion.   be proactive exploring ways we can communicate our mission.  

  • The Phoenix Rising Center understands that the LGBT+ community’s long-term quality of life requires the Center to prosper financially and develop organizationally to meet community needs.

Mission and Values 

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